Our Focus


We focus on four specific training areas:

  • Leadership & Management

  • Project Management

  • Communication Skills

  • Personal Effectiveness


Our Approach to training


We apply our talent for designing programs that fulfill organizational needs and fully engage participants’ hearts and minds. We do this by:

  • Taking time to get to know you and your context

  • Drafting case studies and scenarios that accurately reflect real work situations

  • Using professional actors to give role plays a real edge

  • Weaving your values, policies and procedures seamlessly into the fabric of the course

  • Providing every participant with a high quality course manual, rich in hints, tips and techniques

  • Evaluating every course, and monitoring the longer term trends


The LEVELheaded Difference


People ask, “What makes LEVELheaded training special?”


We think it might be the rich combination of subject matter expertise, practical examples and enthusiastic delivery, but what about others? We decided to talk with clients and to read participant feedback for their views, and here’s the general consensus of opinion:


Commissioners tell us they value:

  • Observable changes in behavior following the training

  • That we are great value for money

  • The detail of our programs and the quality of the learning objectives

  • Being able to relax once they have commissioned us – confident that every aspect of program will be delivered as it should be

  • The positive feedback they receive from their staff

  • The positivity we inspire


Participants comment on:

  • The focus on practical action

  • The way we adapt to the people in the room while still pursuing agreed learning objectives

  • The quality of the course manual they take away from the course

  • The energy and fun we inject into our training

  • The obvious expertise of the trainers

  • The avoidance of ‘death by PowerPoint’


[The trainer] was fabulous! She made everyone feel comfortable. I felt she knew and believed in what she was teaching. Excellent++ 


Robin Gaurdeau, IT Manager, IFAW





We can offer effective consulting support in such areas as:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Leadership Development

  • Program Management

  • Program Evaluation

  • Organizational Culture Change

  • Competency Frameworks

  • Performance Evaluation / Appraisal Schemes

  • Staff Orientation Programs

  • Curriculum Development

  • Team Development

  • Capacity Planning


The LEVELheaded Approach


Although every consultancy project is different, there are certain processes we guarantee we will undertake before we start to work with you in order to provide you with the best possible service. Firstly, we will seek a clear brief of what you want to achieve and why you want to achieve it. We will get to know your organization, by asking relevant questions and / or undertaking desk research. 


We will always provide you with a detailed proposal making clear:

  • The objectives we aim to achieve and our proposed methodology

  • What your investment will cover, and anything it will not

  • Our proposed timetable


Once you have had an opportunity to consider our proposal, we welcome the chance to discuss it with you and to adapt or amend it following your input. This detailed process means both organizations make an agreement that is transparent, shared and is likely to achieve the desired result.

We've worked with LEVELheaded on several projects.  They quickly understood our organization and our needs and were instrumental in moving key areas of our work forward.  In addition to providing high quality, professional services, LEVELheaded’s approach works well in highly collaborative settings with many stakeholders.
I have recommended them to others and will continue to do so.


Sarah Clark, Director of Strategic Learning, Amnesty International USA

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