LEVELheaded is honored to have worked with hundreds of the most

influential nonprofits within America and Europe and thousands of

committed, inspirational individuals.


Below are just a few of the wonderful testimonials we have received

for our work:


      Amnesty International USA


We've worked with LEVELheaded on several projects.  They quickly understood our organization and our needs and were instrumental in moving key areas of our work forward.  In addition to providing high quality, professional services, LEVELheaded’s approach works well in highly collaborative settings with many stakeholders. I have recommended them to others and will continue to do so.


Sarah Clark, Director of Strategic Learning


Fantastic workshop! Great facilitation and managing of time and flow, excellent work!


Laura Moye, Southern Region: Deputy Director


Atlas Service Corps, Inc.


LEVELheaded's workshop on effective team working provided our Fellows with creative strategies and techniques that they can apply immediately to their work both in the U.S. and overseas. The LEVELheaded approach encourages everyone to participate through small group discussions and brainstorming exercises. And best of all, the workshops are not only organized, but also fun! 


Kimi Wetterauer, Chief Operating Officer




Based on the history, rapport and trusting partnership that has developed between Broadway and LEVELheaded, the fact that they have always delivered high quality programs at competitive rates with exceptional results leads me to readily accept their recommendations.  They have never sold me a pup yet! 


Richard Banks, Learning and Development Manager


Capital Area Food Bank


This session was invaluable for … establishing a common framework and language between staff members for approaching training design. Beyond the content, [the trainer] performed with wit and aplomb.  I felt like she was sensitive to the unique learning styles of each person in the room while understanding the unique challenges facing nonprofit organizations.


Matt Brouwer, Agency Relations Manager


The training was applicable to our operations. Everybody came away learning a new technique to enhance the training experience. With so many different levels of staff in the organization, it’s amazing how [the trainer] was able to change things up to keep everybody engaged.


Les Johnson, Sr. Human Resources Director


International Alert


We have about a year's experience of working with LEVELheaded both on management training and on strategic planning. One reason for finding their way of working attractive is that they spent time finding out about us before proposing a work plan, and of several bids we received for management training, theirs was by far the most interesting and thought provoking. Their professional knowledge and skills meet the highest standards but it is their approach that recommends them more. They have looked beyond what we say we want to help us figure out what we need. They themselves have cutting edge management practice but have shown a pragmatic approach to our needs, capacity and ethos.


Dan Smith, Secretary General


International Fund for Animal Welfare


[The trainer] was fabulous! She made everyone feel comfortable. I felt she knew and believed in what she was teaching. Excellent++


Robin Gaurdeau, IT Manager


[The most valuable thing I learnt is] that feedback and transparency when done at the beginning of a relationship and continued throughout, can prevent issues from even starting. Excellent session, professional, warm, knowledgeable!


Laurie Wilson, Supporter Relation Manager


Leonard Cheshire International


I would not hesitate to recommend LEVELheaded to anyone. Their training is of the highest quality, extremely interactive, well paced, relevant and specifically tailored to meet organizational needs. I have had nothing but positive feedback from participants.


Pam McDonald, Head of Personnel




My board of directors were reluctant to have someone from the outside facilitate their retreat. Their experience with LEVELheaded exceeded their expectations. The time spent surveying current and prior board directors as well as key stakeholders and the documents prepared prior to the retreat impressed them greatly. I believe they participated more fully and honestly because they saw that the facilitator had a great interest in their coming to their own conclusions and owning key decisions.


Diana Philip, Interim Executive Director, NCAP




My retreat was supposed to be for one 501(c)4 board of directors and midway through the planning process, the decision was to include its sister 501(c)3 private foundation board of directors as well. The focus turned from strengthening the one organization into the possibility of merging the talent and resources of both organizations. We were fortunate that the depth of experience that LEVELheaded offers met our ever evolving needs. The professionalism and flexibility of its facilitator was greatly needed and appreciated


Diana Philip, Interim Executive Director, NCAP


Oxfam America


LEVELheaded’s professionalism, flexibility, and creativity made our work together a pleasure. We are especially grateful to them for the insights and recommendations they made … I look forward to working with LEVELheaded in the future on other projects.


Nancy Delaney, Outreach Manager


Search for Common Ground


The quality and the integrity of LEVELheaded's work and staff are high: they design good and appropriately personalized approaches and their honest and confidential (as well as long-term) cooperation with me and with the organization’s leadership as a whole, are really impressive. I've recommended them to many other organizations - and will continue to do so. Without a doubt!


Sandra Melone, Executive Director

Tel: (240) 314 0331                                                                                                                                                                                                   Email: Info@levelheadedinc.com